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How I Support

Newborn and Infant Care

Supporting your family in caring for your new baby. Providing comfort through soothing techniques, allowing time for self-care and nourishment.

Newborn Baby
Baby's Hand


Take time to recharge and rest while recovering from your birth experience. Assistance with diaper changes and soothing baby while you sleep.

Infant feeding support

Educated in latch and position suggestions to maximize comfort levels. Paced bottle feeding experience. Providing before and aftercare in between feedings to promote rest. 

Baby in Mother's Arms
Cooking Eggs

Light Housework and Cooking 

Switching out laundry, tidying the dishes, grocery pick-up, and preparing nourishing meals for the family. Assistance with finding a rhythm and routine in balancing family and home.

Support and Resources 

Can attend post-care appointments with the family. Extensive resource list to connect you with medical professionals when additional support is needed.

Praying Together
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